Vittoria plays harder, riding anywhere.

Big news for Vittoria in prospect for 2015. A renovation of the brand with a new positioning that embraces all cycling disciplines, from road racing (where it has led the way) to off-road. From September, all new GEAX off-road tires will be branded Vittoria: the GEAX logo will be progressively replaced by Vittoria on all tires. Vittoria opens the 2014/2015 season with a “refresh” of its famous logo, a new line of communication, and off-road tires in its range. Since the early 1990s, Vittoria has produced off-road tires under the GEAX brand, these products drawing on the experience and know-how of the prestigious Vittoria road tires. GEAX, a market leader in Italy and other European countries, has a roster of off-road products, in particular, for Cross-Country (XC), All-Mountain, Gravity, and Street bikes. The replacement of the GEAX logo is aimed at strengthening and repositioning the Vittoria brand. Now, Vittoria will embrace all cycling disciplines. To reinforce this, a new communication campaign will explain the changes to Vittoria’s road and off-road customers. The concept is powerful and easy to grasp. It doesn't matter which road you plan to explore with your bike—whether on-road or off, Vittoria takes you wherever you want. “For our clients, basically, nothing changes,” commented René Timmermans, C.E.O. of Vittoria S.p.A., “The GEAX logo will be replaced by the Vittoria logo—gradually so as to accustom consumers to the change—and this will be supported by a fitting communication campaign.” “The quality, price, and range of our off-road products, as you know them, will remain unchanged. Indeed, from now on, with the fusion of the Vittoria and GEAX brands, our off-road products will benefit from the reputed Vittoria brand image, that’s recognized worldwide as a top brand, producing the best-quality tires.” A completely renovated website is coming soon. Enjoy the new video on Vittoria Youtube channel and stay tuned on our socials!

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