Optimize your ride

Grip, handling, speed, and reliability - choose them all! Geax MTB range has an XC tire for every kind of trail, in all conditions. Hardpack, loose, dirt or mud, there is nothing better then riding on Geax tires, available in rigid, folding, TNT or tubular version, in all the widths, and all the wheel sizes, 26”, 29” and the new standard 27.5”.



Tubular technology ensures performance far beyond comparison to classic MTB tires, whether Tubed or Tubeless.

The perfectly round cross-section enabled by “tubed” construction, of course, combined in Geax version with the Corespun casings derived directly from street version models gives our tubulars performance that puts any other competitor in the shade.

Although others may claim record-breaking weights, our detailed knowledge of tubulars acquired in over 50 years of development has shown us that the greatest advantages lie elsewhere: the best grip on any course and extremely low rolling resistance that is much lower than even tubeless tires, combined with unbeatable reliability and riding comfort.

Constructed entirely by hand using the long renowned and multiple award-winning Corespun 290TPI casing and a special 50 Shore A compound, this has by now become the benchmark for anyone in search of the absolute highest performance at no expense to reliability as in all the Geax range.

Versions available: Saguaro, Gato, and Mezcal.
Compatible only with specific rim for MTB tubulars.

Tubular casing

The perfectly round, pneumatic system known as a tubular adheres directly onto a tubular specific rim. Inside, the latex inner tube increases air permeability making it stronger against punctures, while maintaining high flexibility for minimal rolling resistance. The tread is hand-laminated over the casing, requiring no high temperatures during construction; a unique process reserved for premium tubulars. Due to the perfectly round profile (constant casing radius), cornering is more predictable and more confidence-inspiring than with clinchers, which do not maintain a constant casing radius due to the mechanical limitations of a hook and bead system. Shock absorption is also maximized.
A tubular has a wide gluing surface on the rim, spreading forces and stresses more evenly on its structure than on a clincher tire... this allows the tubular to absorb imperfections without deflecting or slowing down.

A Sticky Soft Compound - B Corespun 290 TPI - C Latex inner tube - D Presta Valve RVC E Specific MTB tubular rim.