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For conditions more challenging, where big hits come at you hard and fast, Geax All Mountain tires are built stronger, hold on tighter. Advanced rubber compounds and highly-evolved treads keep you on track. New Goma, versatile Sturdy, aggressive Gato, super-robust DHEA for radical lean angles in freeride, Datura for technical courses demanding the ultimate in grip and handling.


Multi-purpose tire with an aggressive, moderately-spaced pattern. Plateau-like, rounded knobs readily shed dirt and debris.
2.3 section has softer rubber compounds for enhanced grip on wet rocks and roots.

• Multi-purpose tire for medium to wet conditions
• Stiff tread sheds dirt and debris
• 2.3 version has Sticky Soft compound for yet more grip on
roots and rocks

  type color size weight code
26x2.3 TNT 58-559 / 26x2.3 700 112.3BM.32.58.611HD
Foldable 58-559 / 26x2.3 620 112.3BM.19.58.111HD
Rigid 58-559 / 26x2.3 790 112.3BM.23.58.111TG