Extreme experience

Gravity range includes downhill and freestyle tires for riders who look for extreme challenges and who can’t afford errors or equipment failure. Downhill tires are all with double-ply casing: Neuron for traction over dry hardpack and dry looose, DHEA for supreme rear speed in wet or dry, Synapsis for half-and-half conditions where soft mud covers a compact base, Datura for extreme sticky mud consitions. Choose and use when compromise is not an option!


Super-robust hardpack tire built to withstand World Cup racing.
TNT-DH casing can be run tubed or tubeless: rigid bead prevents race-losing failures of air loss, unseating, or roll-off. Use Neurons for dry downhill, or pair with a rear DHEA, depending on course
and riding style.

• Full-on, fat race tire with World Cup pedigree
• TNT downhill casing withstands extreme abuse
• Choose for high speed events on dry hardpack

  type color size weight code
26x2.3 rTNT 58-559 / 26x2.3 1.150 112.3NR.38.58.111TG
26x2.5 rTNT 62-559 / 26x2.5 1.290 112.3NR.38.62.111TG