Streetlife goes better

Geax Asphalt range is a game-changer for MTB users who don’t get ofroad much. These street tires transform 26” wheel bikes to make leisure and commuter riding a pleasure, not a chore. Minimalistic Street Runner, faster Laczem, our best selling communter tire Evolution, Roadster now available also in 29” and Easyrider if you want a multipurpose tire to handle light offroad too, are our best street tires.


The sequel to our best-selling commuter tire, Evolution is versatile and reliable. Choose for daily recreation and commuting on all types ofsurfaces.

• All-purpose, medium-width commuter favorite
• Rugged tread for confident riding off-road
• Choice of 26 and 29 sizes

  type color size weight code
26x1.9 Rigid 48-559 / 26x1.9 790 112.3VV.23.48.111TG
29x1.9 Rigid 46-622 / 29x1.9 840 112.3V9.23.48.111TG