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Vittoria: Play Harder. Ride Anywhere.

Did you realize that Vittoria has been applying its technology and expertise on off-road tires as well?

The global brand of Vittoria has been renowned for its prestigious best-quality road tires. Since the early 90s it has also produced off-road tires under its Geax brand, created especially to serve this market. A lot has happened since then. Geax has become a market leader in Italy and various other countries. The product range is extensive and covers Cross-Country, All-Mountain, Gravity and a variety of street tires.

And now everything changes…

Vittoria Global Brand

Geax becomes Vittoria

This year Vittoria has added an entire new product range to its portfolio in the form of wheels, both for road and off-road. The timing could not be better to simplify the brand strategy and unify all products under the Vittoria name. Now all our valued Vittoria and Geax customers can ride anywhere, clearly recognizable as members of the Vittoria family. The best-quality tires will simply be known as Vittoria tires.

Vittoria Off-Road Wheels Tires


Vittoria Off-Road Wheels Tires


Logo refresh

The traditional Vittoria logo has served us well and will be gracefully retired. The new logo design has been inspired by its predecessor. Now however, the logo symbolizes the unrivaled wheel-tire combinations Vittoria is able to create. We develop both product ranges as a perfectly matching system just like the logo now illustrates. The modernized font is in line with the new Vittoria house style that offers a very clean and fresh look. As always, our customers remain the central hub that makes the wheel turn.

Logo Change

The same, but different

The quality, price and range of the off-road products remains unchanged except for the updated logo. Vittoria will continue to innovate and develop its product range in our never-ending quest for perfection. Our factories will still work with only the best people, materials and processes to ensure the quality remains unrivaled. In short, Vittoria will be exactly the same… but different.

The roads are yours to explore… even when there are none. PLAY HARDER.

Same Same